In most cases, brides and grooms know exactly what they want for their weddings. There is already a vision for the venue, the music, and the flowers. Even though the options available may not be apparent to others, they are eager to explore them. Even seemingly small decisions can seem overwhelming when you begin investigating. Your choice of flowers can have a significant impact on the tone of your wedding. Using these top tips, you can make the right choice for your wedding flowers. Our Seattle wedding planners arrange Perfect Flowers for your wedding; contact us now.


Flowers aren’t cheap, and most couples spend 10% of their wedding budget on decor, including flowers. Choosing your wedding decor should be based on your budget. When you have a figure in mind, it’s time to shop. Creating a DIY bouquet or choosing seasonal flowers can reduce the cost of flowers.


Colour palettes are an excellent starting point if you’re unsure what to choose and need to narrow your options. The bridal party’s outfits should always be complemented with flowers. It might also be interesting to learn more about flowers and what they represent if you are sentimental.

Wedding Flowers


Learn about flowers if you don’t know anything about them. Ask your local florist about the various options available to you. Discovering your preferences can be as simple as learning what’s available and what’s in season. Juniper Flowers, for example, offers a flower subscription service. Monthly flower delivery in the lead-up to your wedding is a great way to discover new varieties of flowers. You may discover a new favorite perfect for the wedding.


You can save money and make life easier by finding seasonal flowers. Whatever your preference for a particular flower, you may have to compromise if it isn’t in season. If you choose to source the flower out of season, expect a hefty price tag. Consider similar options with the professionals, and you may discover an even more perfect combination of flowers.

Even though flowers may not seem like a big deal to some, they can play a crucial role in creating a specific tone for your wedding. When choosing your blooms, keep these tips in mind. Remember that you should not let the decision consume you, but it is worth considering.