Even before you have your wedding dress fitted, the first step in planning your wedding should be choosing a location. Before they see you, your guests will first notice the wedding venue. You must look for a location that matches your preferences and has room for everyone you plan to invite.

But for any bride, finding the ideal wedding location can be a stressful task. However, things don’t have to be that way. Here are seven suggestions to ease your concerns and guide you in selecting the wedding location of your dreams.

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There is a purpose for wedding coordinators. They have the expertise to make the dreams of brides a reality. Tell them what you and your partner are looking forward to from this one-day event. They’ll combine all of your thoughts and clarify any that are still unclear.

You must first reserve an Event Planner Seattle before looking at potential locations. Choose a reliable one that is regarded favorably by other brides. Check out reviews or inquire among friends and family to see if anyone they know is qualified and reliable. Find someone who will not only listen to you but will also offer wise counsel. Your wedding budget shouldn’t be used for an event that falls short of your expectations.



Before starting to plan a wedding, the budget should be taken into account. This will be the basis for everything else.

Be aware of your resources. The cost of the venue can be high for weddings. Keep in mind that the season of the year you intend to marry can affect the venue’s price. You might want to plan your wedding during off-peak seasons because event venues are typically less expensive then.

Also important to note are the customizable decorations. Although they can be pricey, if your budget allows, seize the opportunity! You can personalize every aspect of your wedding. For instance, the venue of your choice may have specialized furnishings, such as an elegant outdoor canopy measuring 10′ by 10′.

Don’t forget to set aside money for emergencies as well. You’ll require it in case your wedding is interrupted by any unanticipated circumstances.



Understand your aesthetic and vision. Even though some locations are popular for weddings, they might not suit your preferences or your price range.

Your planner will be able to find a venue that fits your theme much easier. It wouldn’t make sense to hold the event indoors if you wanted to have a beach wedding. You’ll have an easier time selecting if you concentrate on locations that fit your theme.



The number of guests you intend to invite also influences where you hold the wedding. If your guest list is limited to your closest family and friends, you won’t need a large venue.

You should discuss your guest count with your partner. When you’ve finished with your list, decide on a median. Afterward, based on that, choose a location. By doing this, the venue you select won’t feel too big if all of your guests show up or too small if only half of them do.



Wedding locations can be either indoor or outdoor spaces. Do some research and ask because some may even offer benefits for special occasions. They might even result in cost savings. Other locations may be like empty canvases that you are free to decorate however you like.

Even before you receive any confirmation from your guests, the location must be easily accessible. They should have access to parking as well, especially if the destination is far away. When selecting a venue outside of town, take all attendees’ accommodations into account. They might be staying in the structure itself or a nearby hotel. You could even offer a shuttle service for your guests.

You can get a better idea of the space’s size and the number of decorations you can use by physically visiting the venue first. It’s the ideal chance to see if it has everything you need for an outdoor wedding. So, before making a reservation, take the time to explore the area.

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Alternative plans are essential for outdoor venues. Alternative locations will protect everyone from a sudden downpour on the big day.

Even if you decide to get married inside, it never hurts to have a Plan B or C in place in case your Plan A doesn’t work out as planned. These might be the venues that were shortlisted but weren’t as suitable as your top pick.


Keep your wedding true to the things that you and your partner really want. It doesn’t have to resemble the ones you see on social media in every detail. The location for your wedding should perfectly reflect the two of you as a couple. Trust your gut and take pleasure in the process. Most importantly, enjoy yourself!


For most people, getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The couple will always remember the dress, the cake, and the guests. However, maintaining all those components in place depends on the venue.

Keep in mind these suggestions as you look for a wedding venue. As the date of your big day draws nearer, you’ll spare yourself additional stress. It doesn’t have to be the most impressive location on earth. You can make it ideal as long as it works for you and your partner and with careful planning.