Find the Ideal Chairs for Your Event in Seattle, Washington

Find the Ideal Chairs for Your Event in Seattle, Washington

Find The Ideal Chairs For Your Event In Seattle, Washington

It goes without saying that having the right furniture will make your event a success. You may not realize it, but even something as straightforward as your choice of chair rentals, for example, can have an effect on your party’s guests.

You can rent comfortable chairs in Seattle, WA that are Instagram-worthy, depending on your needs or the theme of your event. But first, find a chair rental service like Wander Event Rentals that offers a wide variety of chair options.

Choosing the best chairs for a gathering can be challenging. Renting from a company that has a large selection of chairs that go with various types of events and décor is crucial for this reason.

You can start by visiting a company’s website to view its collection. In order to have more options and find out if the company offers any other items that you might need for your party, you can also inquire as to whether it has a showroom.

Alternatively, you can also check out our website for a large collection of chairs that you can rent.

Safety and Protection

We’re not out of the woods yet, so precautions to prevent an event from spreading the coronavirus should still be taken seriously. Both the rental company and the client are accountable for adhering to health regulations.

In addition, the business should enforce its policies strictly in regard to the state of its equipment. An accident involving broken furniture would be the absolute last thing you would want to occur at your gathering. Ask about the rental agreement to understand your obligations.

Rent Chairs

Excellent Customer Service

Choose a rental company that keeps things in order but permits modifications and additions within a predetermined time frame. Picking a rental company like Wander Event Rentals which is renowned for its dedication to customer satisfaction is crucial because it can become very busy, especially during peak seasons.

Best Chair Rentals in Seattle, WA: Wander Event Rentals

It takes a lot of work to plan an event that you want people to remember for a long time, especially during a pandemic. However, you can work together with individuals who have your best interests in mind to assist you in meeting the demands of a successful gathering.

In terms of party requirements, Wander Event Rentals is a reliable ally. Our fundamental values are unmatched customer service, top-notch gear, affordable prices, and dedication to the best standards in the rental industry.

Our rental inventory has grown significantly since we first opened for business, and it now includes a wide range of items such as chairs, tables, specialty furniture, linen, food service, décor, and accessories.

Our company’s reputation can be determined by the number of clients we have served, the events we have catered to, and the number of people who prefer our services. Checking out the people we have collaborated with over the years is a good idea.

Your Party Rentals Go-To Guide: 5 Must-Have Items

Your Party Rentals Go-To Guide: 5 Must-Have Items

Let’s face it: organizing a party of any kind can be difficult. When you have to rent extra items to make sure you have everything you need for a stunning, faultless event, things become even more difficult. When a party is imminent, it’s time to start thinking about what party rentals are essential for your gatherings.

Do you require tables and chairs? A tent? What about glasses for wine, beer, and water? Or Do you require silverware? And those are just a few of the numerous factors you will need to take into account as you start to plan the party itself.

And, to be completely honest, the process can seem completely overwhelming to hosts who are both experienced and inexperienced. We’ve highlighted the top five party rentals that you should consider in order to lessen some of the associated stress.

To find out more about the supplies you absolutely must have, keep reading.

Tables and Chairs

You’re going to need tables whether you’re hosting a wedding or a high school reunion. For various occasions, tables can also mean a wide variety of things. Instead of a traditional banquet style, perhaps your guests would prefer cocktail tables.

Keep your objectives and attendees in mind as you practice planning your event. The choice of tables and chairs for your event should directly reflect the behavior you expect from your guests.


Now that you’ve decided what types of tables will work for your event, it’s time to decide how you want to decorate them. You have a wide range of aesthetic options when it comes to linens, from napkin color to print to the material. Keep the event’s overall vibe in mind as you choose your party rentals for table decor, and match your selection accordingly.


Again, there are many different aesthetic options available to you when it comes to lighting. You have a plethora of options for making your event sparkle, from lanterns to string lights. Make sure that your choice of lighting matches the event’s mood, just like you would with the linens. You should probably avoid the wackier options that would be more appropriate at a wedding if you’re hosting a charity donor event.

Flatware & Silverware

You will need to choose not only what your guests will eat but also how they will eat, which can be a difficult decision. You can do without the silverware if you’re only serving finger foods. The complete set of salad, dinner, and dessert forks, along with the corresponding spoons and knives, should be available if you’re hosting a full sit-down dinner. Your decisions here should, once more, be consistent with the other components of your party.

Surprise Element 

Parties should be enjoyable! Consider including a wildcard rental item that can liven up your event and keep the good times flowing as you make your list of essential party rentals. At Wander Event Rentals, we provide everything from cotton candy machines to basketball hoops and balls.

Items To Rent For Your Thanksgiving Feast

Items To Rent For Your Thanksgiving Feast

It might be a good idea for your company to rent certain items instead of purchasing everything if you plan to host Thanksgiving dinner or any other event for your employees (and maybe even their family and friends) during the holiday. To help you determine what’s available and make entertaining guests and serving food more efficient, our team has compiled a quick list of our favourite Thanksgiving party rentals.

Rentals for Thanksgiving Parties are best available from event rentals Seattle.

Benefits of Hiring Events Rentals  

The Tent and the Sidewall

In Florida, tent rentals are still one of the most popular Thanksgiving party rentals, even though summer heat has dissipated mainly by the time turkey season arrives. You can put up more Thanksgiving decorations in a tent than you would be able to in a small office while providing your guests with privacy. 

Seating and tables

It makes sense to rent tables and chairs for your Thanksgiving Day celebration since there will probably be a lot of food involved. Renting is always best if you want to incorporate fall colours into your party because you can ensure everything matches. You don’t have to worry about bringing tables and chairs for your event from friends, family, and coworkers. There is no need for them to do anything except show up!

Tableware and flatware

Even getting people to bring tables and chairs can aggravate when you gather dinnerware and flatware. Many styles are available from a rental company, so you can achieve any look you want for your holiday party, from browns and oranges to bright colours.

Equipment for catering

In addition to thinking of family and friends when the word “Thanksgiving” comes to mind, it’s impossible also to overlook the food. Renting catering equipment for a party is also something you should consider. You can rent anything for your Thanksgiving party, from serving dishes and heated pans to coffee makers and beverage dispensers. These profitable items can be beneficial if people bring in their food items.

Equipment for heating

It might be a little chilly for some of your guests during Thanksgiving, even though the Seattle weather isn’t too crazy. You can rent heating equipment from rental companies, such as lamps you can set up around tents or backyards. As a result, your guests will remain comfortable without overheating your tent or the environment outside.

Textiles for tables

If your Thanksgiving party is being held at a restaurant, renting table linens will contribute to the event’s aesthetics. You can sometimes find these in an average household or with a relative or friend, but renting them will make it easier to match your tables, chairs, dishes, etc. To decorate your Thanksgiving table the right way, you can choose from various fall colours.

Rentals are Better Than Buying

Planning an event is not easy as anyone would have thought. It requires a lot of planning. Planning as soon as possible allows you to provide a fantastic experience for your guests, whether your event is a wedding, birthday, or family gathering.

Your event may require chairs, tables, tents, and table decor, and you may decide whether to rent or buy them. Buying all the required stuff like the above is not a good move. Hence, in this case, rentals are always preferred to be a better and more intelligent option. If you buy instead of renting all the needed accessories for your event, it will waste your money and time.

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of people hosting large parties over the past few years. A birthday party can now be a significant event, whereas previously, they were familiar but not extravagant. In terms of sweet sixteen birthday parties, Pretty Face Studio recommends a mix of formal and informal, or even semi-formal.

Hiring a wander design rentals results in a better sense of cohesion. Don’t hesitate to contact experts in rentals, if you’re looking for the right rental and accessories for your event.

Check out why renting is better than purchasing supplies for your next event.


The effort involved in planning an event is considered regardless of the size of the party. A variety of rental options are available from event rental companies to help ease your burden. Depending on your preferences, the ambience can be themed and colored. You can also find new unique designs for special occasions through these event rental companies. A memorable occasion is assured with support, which can help impress your guests and motivate them to throw a party like yours in the future.


Equipment can be more expensive than equipment that needs to be rented for an event. Many people prefer to hire party rental companies to cut unnecessary charges. In addition to the address of your house, the number of guests you’re expecting, and the rental equipment needed for their convenience, you can contact the company and inform them of your home location. Rental companies offer event benefits such as equipment storage and transportation once an event is over.


Even when you’re busy during the day, an event rental company can help you fulfill your plans. Assembling equipment in the appropriate space can be done by them. They will transport and arrange it. Research shows that 48% of event planners start planning about six to 12 months, saving you time and money if you forget to purchase at the last minute.

The best way to save money and have peace of mind when planning a party is to hire a party rental company. If you want to experience great results, ensure the company is licensed, insured, and professional before choosing them. Are you planning an event and need to rent supplies? For more information on our event rentals, visit us at wedding rentals or give us a call today.