A powerful moment is getting to declare and promise your love to your fiancée in front of your friends and family, and the reception that follows is always enjoyable with dancing, food, and drink. But without the appropriate friends and family, your wedding wouldn’t be as magical. While it’s not always possible to avoid scheduling conflicts for the significant others in your life at your wedding, there are things you can do to make it easier. Here are a few strategies by our Seattle Wedding Planner to guarantee that the guests you want attend your wedding.


The first step to inviting more of the guests you want is being aware of the date. The date of your wedding is the main factor in determining who can attend. A weekend date will significantly boost attendance. Friday or Saturday are the ideal days. In general, people are more willing to skip work on a random Wednesday than they are to miss a full Friday or a long weekend for a wedding. Another advantage of weekends is the availability of travel.



Sending out announcements for the wedding rather than just invitations is the next thing you can do to help ensure that the guests you want attend will. Invitations are different from announcement cards, which should be distributed three to four months before your invitations. The wedding’s date and location will be revealed much earlier in announcements. If you obtain photographs of a high caliber, you can create printable announcement cards. The event is brought to the public’s attention through announcements in a timely manner, allowing for calendar blocking.


A destination wedding should be avoided as a last resort if you want to invite more guests. You ask a lot of your guests when you have a destination wedding. They are now required to take a plane, stay in a hotel for at least a couple of nights, and be gone for at least a few days, frequently taking time off from work. The location of your wedding should be within driving distance for the majority of your guests if you really want people to come.

One of the most significant occasions in your life is getting married. Having the people who are special in your life there is the best way to make it special. To guarantee that the guests you really want at your wedding show up, use these three suggestions.