One of the craziest days of your life is supposed to be your wedding. A good time can be had by bringing your friends and family together to celebrate your love for your future spouse. However, putting too much emphasis on one particular event or yourself can be very stressful. Wedding planning involves a lot of different details, which can quickly become overwhelming and give you the impression that your big day won’t actually happen. Here are some suggestions by our wedding planner seattle to keep your cool and make your wedding the most memorable occasion.


Taking pictures of the memorable parts of the day and evening is the first step in making your wedding a special occasion. Having your special day documented on film and in photos will make it easier for you to remember it fondly in the future. Your wedding will only last one day, at the end of the day. You should try to capture the day to enjoy it forever. A fantastic way to preserve the memories is to hire a professional photographer and videographer for the day to document your wedding.

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Selecting the ideal location for your wedding is another useful suggestion to make it a memorable occasion. One of the most crucial elements of your wedding is the location, and picking a cheap, uncomfortably, or ugly location can send the wrong message. The weather may have an impact on your venue. In the event of inclement weather, an indoor venue is more dependable. Make sure the location you pick has at least one indoor backup option in case bad weather occurs on your wedding day.


A special emphasis on the quality of the catering and bar at your wedding is the last way to make it a memorable occasion. Your wedding guests spent a lot of money on your wedding, both to attend and to purchase gifts for you. Serving them wholesome food and beverages is the least you can do. Don’t cut corners on the catering and bar services to ensure that everyone has a good time and appreciates your special day.

One of the most memorable days of your life may be the day of your wedding. But only if you make the proper preparations to ensure a successful day. Make sure you are aware of these three suggestions in order to make your wedding the memorable occasion it should be.