It might be a good idea for your company to rent certain items instead of purchasing everything if you plan to host Thanksgiving dinner or any other event for your employees (and maybe even their family and friends) during the holiday. To help you determine what’s available and make entertaining guests and serving food more efficient, our team has compiled a quick list of our favourite Thanksgiving party rentals.

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Benefits of Hiring Events Rentals  

The Tent and the Sidewall

In Florida, tent rentals are still one of the most popular Thanksgiving party rentals, even though summer heat has dissipated mainly by the time turkey season arrives. You can put up more Thanksgiving decorations in a tent than you would be able to in a small office while providing your guests with privacy. 

Seating and tables

It makes sense to rent tables and chairs for your Thanksgiving Day celebration since there will probably be a lot of food involved. Renting is always best if you want to incorporate fall colours into your party because you can ensure everything matches. You don’t have to worry about bringing tables and chairs for your event from friends, family, and coworkers. There is no need for them to do anything except show up!

Tableware and flatware

Even getting people to bring tables and chairs can aggravate when you gather dinnerware and flatware. Many styles are available from a rental company, so you can achieve any look you want for your holiday party, from browns and oranges to bright colours.

Equipment for catering

In addition to thinking of family and friends when the word “Thanksgiving” comes to mind, it’s impossible also to overlook the food. Renting catering equipment for a party is also something you should consider. You can rent anything for your Thanksgiving party, from serving dishes and heated pans to coffee makers and beverage dispensers. These profitable items can be beneficial if people bring in their food items.

Equipment for heating

It might be a little chilly for some of your guests during Thanksgiving, even though the Seattle weather isn’t too crazy. You can rent heating equipment from rental companies, such as lamps you can set up around tents or backyards. As a result, your guests will remain comfortable without overheating your tent or the environment outside.

Textiles for tables

If your Thanksgiving party is being held at a restaurant, renting table linens will contribute to the event’s aesthetics. You can sometimes find these in an average household or with a relative or friend, but renting them will make it easier to match your tables, chairs, dishes, etc. To decorate your Thanksgiving table the right way, you can choose from various fall colours.