Let’s face it: organizing a party of any kind can be difficult. When you have to rent extra items to make sure you have everything you need for a stunning, faultless event, things become even more difficult. When a party is imminent, it’s time to start thinking about what party rentals are essential for your gatherings.

Do you require tables and chairs? A tent? What about glasses for wine, beer, and water? Or Do you require silverware? And those are just a few of the numerous factors you will need to take into account as you start to plan the party itself.

And, to be completely honest, the process can seem completely overwhelming to hosts who are both experienced and inexperienced. We’ve highlighted the top five party rentals that you should consider in order to lessen some of the associated stress.

To find out more about the supplies you absolutely must have, keep reading.

Tables and Chairs

You’re going to need tables whether you’re hosting a wedding or a high school reunion. For various occasions, tables can also mean a wide variety of things. Instead of a traditional banquet style, perhaps your guests would prefer cocktail tables.

Keep your objectives and attendees in mind as you practice planning your event. The choice of tables and chairs for your event should directly reflect the behavior you expect from your guests.


Now that you’ve decided what types of tables will work for your event, it’s time to decide how you want to decorate them. You have a wide range of aesthetic options when it comes to linens, from napkin color to print to the material. Keep the event’s overall vibe in mind as you choose your party rentals for table decor, and match your selection accordingly.


Again, there are many different aesthetic options available to you when it comes to lighting. You have a plethora of options for making your event sparkle, from lanterns to string lights. Make sure that your choice of lighting matches the event’s mood, just like you would with the linens. You should probably avoid the wackier options that would be more appropriate at a wedding if you’re hosting a charity donor event.

Flatware & Silverware

You will need to choose not only what your guests will eat but also how they will eat, which can be a difficult decision. You can do without the silverware if you’re only serving finger foods. The complete set of salad, dinner, and dessert forks, along with the corresponding spoons and knives, should be available if you’re hosting a full sit-down dinner. Your decisions here should, once more, be consistent with the other components of your party.

Surprise Element 

Parties should be enjoyable! Consider including a wildcard rental item that can liven up your event and keep the good times flowing as you make your list of essential party rentals. At Wander Event Rentals, we provide everything from cotton candy machines to basketball hoops and balls.