Wander Delivery
Tiers and Policies

Delivery & Installation

Now here is the FLUFF. This is where our team really shines. Need to line up ceremony seating just right? How about an aisle of rugs laid out in the perfect haphazard fashion? All this and you don’t have to do it yourself. We are here for it friend. This package is full setup and installation. Then we’ll sweep in when the night is through and take it all away like we were never there. Perfection. 

  • All items placed where they will be going according to a preset floor plan. 
  • All decor items and accessories placed according to approved design
  • Delivery and pickup can be scheduled at exact times. 
  • Full tear down services  

Tier 3 - White Glove

This one is our most popular as it implies in the name. This package is best for those who don’t want to do the heavy lifting but don’t mind fluffing a pillow and laying down a rug. We’ll sweep in and place the big stuff and you get to add the fluff. It also works best for those venues that require a more strict delivery and exit time, hello midnight. 

  • Place all furniture pieces where they will be going 
  • Installation of backdrops and large visual items in place
  • No placement of decor or accessories
  • All items within 50ft of delivery vehicle
  • Stairs/elevators/obstacles can be added on
  • Scheduled 2 hour window for delivery
  • Scheduled 1 hour window for pickup
  • Items picked up from where they were placed at delivery

Tier 2 - Most Popular Delivery Package

This one is great for a private venue that can accept deliveries a day or two ahead of time and pickup the day after the event (grandma’s lake house perhaps). It’s also best for those who have help to set up and clean up. 

  • Drop within 50ft of the truck into one location
  • No stairs/elevators/obstacles
  • Drop within a 4 hour window 10am-2pm or 12pm-4pm
  • Pickup in a 4 hour window 10am-2pm or 12pm-4pm
  • No placement or setup of any furniture, accessories, or decor 
  • Items picked up from same location and required to be all together as delivered

Tier 1 - Basic Delivery

Do we deliver? Always! We pack up our amazing collection on the regular and our superior delivery team takes it all over Western Washington. We take it on the ferry to the San Juan Islands and even over the mountains to Eastside destinations like Leavenworth and Winthrop. What’s included in delivery and how much is it? Well, we’re glad you asked. 

We offer our customers 3 different delivery and installation options, each detailed below. The quote for each will be custom and depend on what is rented, how far it is going, time of delivery, and any special venue circumstances (think stairs, elevators, boats, construction sites, whatever). Our typical customer spends $300 – $1200 on delivery. If a ferry is involved then that goes up to about $1800 per order. 

We’re happy to go over each option with you during the quoting process and help you determine exactly which one fits best with what you need.