404 – Page not found

404 – Page not found

Not all who Wander are lost, but we’re sure you didn’t intend to be here…

Don’t worry, we can help you find your way!

Known Safari browser issue:

If you arrived on this page while trying to view our inventory, you are probably using Safari as your browser. There are two ways to resolve this issue: Use a different browser or clear your cache for Safari. 

We highly recommend using either Chrome or Firefox as your browser!
Safari has known issues for many websites, not just ours.

On a desktop: click here to download Chrome;  click here to download Firefox.

On a mobile device: Go to the app store and get one of these browsers! They really are better than Safari, and not just for our site.

If you prefer to continue using Safari as your browser, clearing your cache/history resolves the known “Page Not Found” issue.

How to clear your cache in Safari on a desktop: http://www.idownloadblog.com/2017/05/03/clear-web-browsing-cache/

How to clear your cache in Safari on a mobile: Go to Settings. Scroll down to the Safari app. Scroll nearly to the bottom and click on “Clear History and Website Data.” *Be aware this will clear all your history and cookies as well as your cache.


If this does not resolve your issue, you can view our collection at https://rentwander.rwelephant.com/#!  and then please contact us directly! info@rentwander.comrentwander.com or (206) 792-5449