The Brittany by Spruce

The Brittany by Spruce


This lounge styled by Brittany O’Brien, owner of Spruce.

Nestled in the upper most corner of the Pacific Northwest SPRUCE embodies a stylish vibe that is both easy and elevated. The curated collection of beautiful + meaningful products is founded on providing stellar customer culture and service, sustainable business practices, and giving back.

Walking into Spruce  is literally like being a kid in a candy store …. If that candy store was  filled with the world’s best tasting and most beautifully packaged candy !! This isn’t just any party goods store, kids !!  Quality paper goods, unique gift ideas, insane beauty products….the list goes on. Brittany is creative at heart and runs a bad ass empire, lipstick and nails on point the whole time.

We invited Brittany out to the warehouse to style a lounge that represents her and the business empire she has created. She knew exactly what she wanted as soon as she stepped into the warehouse for the first time. We love a lady that knows what she wants. We asked Brittany a few questions about her lounge and her personal style. This is what she had to say:

What style would you call your lounge? Boho Glam

What was your inspiration? I’m loving the surge in Bohemian styled events but if a barefoot wedding isn’t your thing (it’s not mine, I love heels!) I feel like there’s definitely room to have that relaxed vibe with a little bit of drama.

Describe your personal style? My personal style is minimalistic. I live in the place where comfort meets beauty both in my wardrobe and home. I buy pieces that I love and that I find to be gorgeous but as a family of 5 we also subscribe to the motto “WE LIVE HERE.” so it has to be comfortable and utilitarian too.

How would you use this lounge? I wanted to create something that felt intimate and relaxed but rich and textural. A little soft seating space that is casual enough for an outdoor wedding or inviting enough for a romantic low lit cocktail party.

What is your favorite piece? The moment I saw Wander’s velvet + gold ottoman duo I was like, “HI WHAT ARE THESE CAN I HAVE THEM?” I knew they would be what I built our little space around.
How does this style represent your business? As much as we adore parties and a crowd, getting to know our customers and adding extra touches that are meaningful to them and their events are our favorite. So, in creating a mini lounge we wanted to focus on the more intimate moments during a party, thats where all the best conversations happen.

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