The Michelle by Mi Shoes

The Michelle by Mi Shoes

This Lounge styled by Michelle Bouma, owner of Mi Shoes and Heroine Clothing

Michelle Bouma, certified retail therapist and creator of Heroine Clothing owns 2 of the most stylish business in our area. Mi Shoes, with locations in Bellingham and Lynden and Heroine Clothing, an on trend boutique with both a mobile shop and a beautiful brick and mortar in downtown Bellingham. We love a curated collection and that is exactly what you will find when walking into one of her shops. Quality? You know she’s got it. We always feel excited at the possibilities when entering one of her spots.

We invited Michelle out to the warehouse to style a lounge that represents her and the business empire she has created. As the lounge came together it was obvious Mi Shoes was the inspiration. Romantic, collected, and comfy in the best possible way. We asked Michelle a few questions about her lounge and her personal style. This is what she had to say:

What style would you call your lounge? I loved the term you guys used when I was styling the lounge. Collective. I don’t even know if it needs to be called Collective Boho. I think the term Collective sums it up. It makes me think of how I want my house to look when I’m a grandma. Everything I’ve collected and cherished over the years. Different elements and textures all displayed together like a collage. I love it!!

What was your inspiration?My inspiration was that blue couch!! Which funny enough I ended up covering up with the sheep skin! The green chair is sort of the focal point. The horns definitely took it in that new direction.

Describe your personal style?My personal style is a bit ‘Collective’ too. I love feminine pieces…and I have to be comfortable. But not the comfortable that looks like sweatpants or yoga pants all day. Maxi dresses in the summer….soft cozy sweaters in the winter. I love soft fabrics and quality construction…if it doesn’t feel good I won’t wear it. I like neutral colors….and colors of the sea….but usually you’ll find me wearing mostly black!

How would you use this lounge?I would LIVE in this lounge if you’d let me! 🙂 I think it’s a great conversation lounge. Put it in the corner at a wedding reception so guests can get cozy and have an intimate conversation. Maybe put your grandparents in this lounge while everyone is arriving so they can be greeted….but don’t need to be on their feet.

What is your favorite piece?My favorite pieces (cuz I can’t choose just one!!!) are the green chair, the screen, the trunk and the peacock feathers!! I love them all so much I can’t pick favorites.

How does this style represent your business?This style started out representing Mi Shoes….but very quickly involved elements of Heroine as well. I didn’t think they would mix as well as they did. I love the antique furniture and natural elements (horns, sheepskin, wicker…) combined. Very textural. Very cool. It made me appreciate the evolution of my businesses as well as the evolution that’s happened within myself.