Shown below are your frequently asked questions and our Rental Policies as outlined in our Client Agreement. Should you wish to see our full Client Agreement prior to booking rentals or services with us, send us a message or call us at (206) 792-5449, as we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Do you do more than Event Rentals?

Yes! We are a full-scale event production company. This means we can help you plan and execute your event from the ground up. We have an incredible collection of one-of-a-kind rentals at our disposal, but we’re not limited to only that. We can help you pull together your vision with custom builds, florals, lighting, and more. We specialize in helping you build a venue from scratch. We treat every event as a custom affair, bringing your dream and vision to life.

What kind of events can you do?

Corporate retreats and conferences. Weddings of course. Or any other social affair you can dream up.

If I know what I want can I just get the rentals?

Of course! We work a lot like a typical rental company, just with way cooler stuff. Once you have your date and venue picked out it’s time to contact us. If you already know what you’re looking for than submit a wishlist online and we will check availability and get back to you with a quote. It’s easy to lock everything down with an online payment and E-signed rental agreement. If you need help pulling some ideas together get on our calendar for a complimentary design consultation over the phone.

Do you have a minimum?

We have an $1500 minimum order for deliveries and a $200 minimum for Will-Call pickup.

Island and all deliveries over 125 miles from our warehouse (located in Bellingham) require a $2000 minimum order.

Delivery is quoted separately. You can get more info on Will-Call Pick up {here} and you can get more info on delivery {here}.

Do you require a deposit?

A non-refundable 50% retainer and a signed client agreement is required to reserve your items. Final payment is processed 30 days before your event via the credit card on file. All orders also require a “picture perfect guarantee” fee equal to 10% of your order. Will-Call orders require an additional fee of 10%. These fees are non-refundable. 

How far do you deliver?

We are based in Bellingham and will deliver anywhere in Western Washington and even a few east side destinations like Leavenworth, Chelan, and Winthrop. Delivery will be included in your proposal and is based on how much you’ve rented, where your event is, venue restrictions, and the time of drop off and pick up. Check out more on our delivery options {here}.

Where are you located? Can I come take a look at your collection?

Our warehouse is located in Bellingham, WA and is open for tours during designated open house times only. To find out when our next open house is get on our email list.

Do you allow pick up of rentals if we don’t want delivery?

Yes. We have a $200 minimum order for Will-Call pickups + the 15% Picture Perfect Charge. You must have suitable transportation in order to pickup rentals. Not everything in our collection is available for will-call. Pieces that are very delicate or require complex assembly require that we deliver and install. These items have “Delivery Only” noted in their descriptions. If you want to check on something in particular, please email.  You can see all of our policies on Will-Call {here}.

Can the rentals be used outdoors?

Of course! Our amazing collection is even better outside on a beautiful summer day in the PNW. We just ask that you never leave the rentals outside overnight. Even on a clear night, sprinklers and critters can unexpectedly pop up and cause damage. We require everything be under cover and secure overnight and they can never be left outside in rainy weather. A back up rain plan is a must.

Can I change my order after signing the contract?

Yes, you have up until 30 days out from an event to make any swaps for items of equal or greater value or rental additions. Additional deposit amount may apply.

What happens if something gets lost or damaged?

We want every item we deliver to you to be in great condition for your event. Every item is thoroughly inspected and cleaned after every use. We know that things happen beyond the usual wear and tear and want all of our customers to enjoy as near to a perfect experience as possible. So we have implemented our Damage Waiver Charge for a modest fee equal to ten percent (10%) for delivered items and fifteen percent (15%) for will-call orders, of the total Rental Fee. It covers accidental damage like a child’s foot print on upholstery or particularly stubborn wax on a table top. This is not coverage for damage due to neglect or misuse (example: Rental Items left out in the rain uncovered and unprotected, nor does it waive liability for loss caused by abuse, vandalism, theft, unexplained disappearance, or shortages. All broken or damaged items must be saved and returned to Company for the waiver to apply.

We require a credit card on file for all orders at the time of reservation. For any items that are not returned or are returned damaged, we charge up to five times the rental rate in order to replace the item. If an item is able to be cleaned or repaired, you will only be charged for the cleaning or repair and any time the item is out of our inventory.

What if I can’t find what I am looking for in your inventory?

If you’re looking for something we don’t have, but would love to rent… give us a shout! Many items in our inventory are waiting to get their headshots taken for the website, so there’s a chance we might have what you need. We also will jump at the chance to produce custom rentals as long as it fits our style, too.

Do you make custom items?

Sure! Whether you need a custom backdrop or the whole venue transformed, we’re excited to take on the project. We require a non-refundable deposit for the materials and execution. In order to give your project the time and attention it deserves, we need at least 30 days of production time, dependent on the project scope.

Do you collaborate on styled shoots?

Yes, we participate in a handful of collaborations throughout the year. Please check out our policies {here} and submit a request to work with us {here}.

What are your rental policies?

Want to get to the nitty gritty? You can find all of our rental policies if you {click here}.