You can find inspiration anywhere. Food, travel, art, people, places; it’s literally limitless!

I was inspired by the Jessa sofa because of its unique color and texture of the fabric. It’s fun and funky just like one of my favorite cities, Portland Oregon.

I’ve been craving anything different and unique.

I knew I wanted to create a lounge that felt eclectic but still comfortable.





At this point it’s important to think about the scale of the lounge and anchoring the space with the right sized rug.

I chose our newest sea-grass rug. I love the graphic print of  the black pattern (it really grounds the space) while also giving texture with the natural fiber of the sea-grass. I like to incorporate different types of textures.

So far we have the nubby fabric of the sofa and now the texture of the sea-grass.



Time to add some chairs and guess what, they don’t have to match! But this is where it’s good to consider a few rules (even though i say there are no rules).  

All of the pieces in this particular lounge so far are mid century so it creates a cohesive look.  

The addition of the leather and cane peacock chair is unexpected and fun (that’s sort of the theme of this lounge unexpected and fun).

First I consider shape (in this lounge I considered using a round mid century tulip table but opted for the trunk for a more eclectic vibe)

The silver trunk is perfect for a lounge this size. You want to insure your guests have plenty of space to set drinks , etc. Consider multiple options (coffee table, side table, console table, stool).

I added a copper side and love it! I’m always conflicted on mixing metals and honestly it all depends on the situation. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I like the way this looks especially since I’m going for a funkier vibe

I always like to add a boho element or natural element so the cane side table is perfect. Wicker and rattan are great to use to help soften a space without overwhelming it with too many textiles.

This is where you can either go wrong or knock it out of the park. I always start with my instinct and work from there as far as what pillows to choose. I see it in my head but ALWAYS have a few  backup options.

Get creative with color size and texture and don’t be afraid to experiment. I don’t prefer matching sets of pillows and like a more collected feel.

Poufs and floor pillows are always a fun way to add color or drive a theme home.



I added a Boho lantern because I can’t help but always have a boho moment.

A wood tray warms up the trunk and the addition of the green goblets is just enough color.

More texture and color (natural elements) in the pine cone and succulent. Also interesting objects help create a mood so I added in the large pine cone, small clock, and old books.

You can find the Portland lounge for rent as a package here. 

We get asked all the time where we get our stuff. The Jessa Sofa came from a fun and uber hip antique shop in Bellingham, WA. The Atomic Kitten. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed. We stumbled across the Pheonix peacock chair during the last hour of Farm Chicks’ antique show and we couldn’t believe our luck when we found out there were 2! We have stories for almost all of our great finds, schedule a tour of our warehouse and we’ll tell you all about it.