We Love a Good Wedding! 

Okay, we love all kinds of events, but Weddings are where it’s at. Come June you can find our trucks all over the PNW bringing one-of-a-kind wedding rentals to weddings big and small. Sometimes all it takes is a velvet sofa to set the mood and we’ve got you covered. We’re not your typical rental agency, sure we have 200 folding chairs, but they aren’t white or plastic. We also have tables to seat 200, but they don’t need linens. All of our inventory is meant to stand on its own and stand out at your wedding. 

So let’s talk about our complimentary design consultation… 

  • Do you want your wedding to flow, be something your guests have never seen, and create the perfect environment for your guests to have the best time? We love going to these weddings! 
  • Do you want your wedding to be Pinterest worthy, but look nothing like your cousins wedding from last year? Ya, we get that.
  • Want a lounge at your wedding but you’re unsure of who is going to get it to your venue when your getting ready the morning of your wedding? And worse, take it home at the end of the night? Spoiler. .. . we’re super good at this. 

Wedding Rentals can help you achieve all of your dreams and we love helping you come up with a flow, a look, and a style that is uniquely you. We’re a sounding board to bounce ideas off of. We’ve been apart of many many weddings and have a lot of opinions. Let’s get this ball rolling.

Below is how Wander Wedding Rentals work:


Step 1: Get Inspired – shop the inventory

Have you checked out our wishlist yet? It works just like a shopping cart but you don’t have to pay a dime when you hit Submit! Pretend you’re at your favorite online furniture store and start shopping for wedding rentals. Dump everything you love into the wishlist. Things that inspire you, items you must have, or something you’re not sure of but love the color. Once you submit the wishlist you’ll add a few details about your date, venue, and contact info. Send that off and we’ll give you a shout. 

If you know exactly what you want, perfect! We’ll shoot over a full quote at this point (see Step 3). If you’re just getting started and looking for some inspiration move to Step 2.

Step 2: Book a design consultation

This is the fun part for us. Let’s jump on a call or meet in person at the warehouse and go over your day. We’ve got your wishlist and if you’ve got a Pinterest board we’ll ask for that too. That way we can have an idea of your style before the meeting. We’ll ask you to run us through your day and where you’re at in the planning. We’ll answer questions and give vendor referrals if you need it. We’ll chat about logistics, when, where, and how the items will be delivered. Most of all we’ll talk design and style. Need a lounge? We can custom design one WITH you. Need a solution for cocktail hour? Let’s talk bars for cocktails and tables for horderves. You’ve got lots of ideas and we’re happy to chat them out with you. Once this is done we’ll put together a design board of what we came up with and send to you with a quote.

Step 3: Book it 

This part is easy. We’ve sent you a quote, you can change and adjust to fit exactly what you need. Once it is set, let’s book it. 

A payment and signed contract are all it takes to secure your rentals. Payment by credit card can be taken care of online and we’ll send a contract to sign electronically.  

Done and Done. 

We Delivery your Wedding Rentals

On the day of your event we’ll swoop in with everything on your quote and then once the wedding is done we’ll come and take it away. If you’ve opted for full set up and styling we will place everything according to a floor plan. If you’ve opted to do the set up yourself we will provide the designs to you when we drop the rentals. Either way you can take all the credit, we don’t mind.  

Ready to Book?

Follow this link to set up a design call today. 

Author: Sara | sara@rentwander.com