This lounge designed by Dawnelle and Kirsten of DK Renewal.

This is the story of how IG friends become real friends. Dawnelle and Kirsten are a cousin duo with one of the most amazing online textile shops we know of! You’ve got to check out We’ve been following them for a long time on IG and were so happy when they agreed to be 2018 Style Icons and design a lounge for us. Their textiles are just the BEST!

It was so fun to watch them work as they put together their lounge. Being a partnership ourselves its really great to watch other partners work together. We had so many similarities to how we work together but what stood out to us was these girls really know what they are doing, creative focus is how Cara described it. Beautiful. They brought a bunch of fun stuff from their shop and tried out many color and accessory combos. The final product blew us away and of course we had to add the rug and pillows they used to our collection. You can find them here for rent. 



Dawnelle and Kirsten made their way through Seattle traffic all the way up to Bellingham, dropped some house plant knowledge, styling tips, and put together the most amazing lounge. We can’t thank them enough. It was so fun to meet them in person and find they are as sweet in real life as they are online. Plus we got to hang with Dawnelle’s little girl for the day and she was so fun! We asked them a few questions about their lounge and this is what they had to say:

What style would you call your lounge? I would like to think something like a global vintage bohemian.

What was your inspiration? We pull a large amount of our inspiration from the vintage global textiles that we absolutely love, the layers, textures, and patterns all mixed together create something so exciting we just can’t get away from them! Mix in a little vintage flair and we’re inspired always!

Describe your personal style? Our own personal styles actually vary a bit between the two of us, Kirsten is a bit more on the minimal bohemian side and Dawnelle is a bit more on the maximalist side of things. Either way though, we both say a space isn’t complete without layers of textiles and loads of plants. The heart of it though is creating a space we feel happy, inspired, and cozy in full of things that tell a story and have a history. We want you to come into our homes and feel inspired and welcome!


How would you use this lounge? Between the rad sofa and the amazing chairs, I’m pretty sure this is the perfect place to hang with some girlfriends and some cute drinks to chat the night away. This could also be a totally amazing place for a photo shoot!

What is your favorite piece? That feels like a trick questions, I would have to say it is probably a tie between that amazing sofa and those gorgeous chairs. However, because textiles are always close to my heart, that Moroccan rug is a favorite for sure.

How does this style represent your business? D+K is all about the global textiles that are full of history and secrets. Starting with the vintage rattan, we created a unique structure to start throwing textiles on! Adding in a few colorful and textured pieces such as the Moroccan Boucherouite rug, the Turkish kilim pillows, and of course the plants, we’ve got layers of goodness that go beautifully together! This is in essence the root of our brand, seamlessly mixing textiles from around the world!

Photos by Katheryn Moran Photography