The DK Renewal Lounge

The DK Renewal Lounge

This lounge designed by Dawnelle and Kirsten of DK Renewal.

This is the story of how IG friends become real friends. Dawnelle and Kirsten are a cousin duo with one of the most amazing online textile shops we know of! You’ve got to check out We’ve been following them for a long time on IG and were so happy when they agreed to be 2018 Style Icons and design a lounge for us. Their textiles are just the BEST!

It was so fun to watch them work as they put together their lounge. Being a partnership ourselves its really great to watch other partners work together. We had so many similarities to how we work together but what stood out to us was these girls really know what they are doing, creative focus is how Cara described it. Beautiful. They brought a bunch of fun stuff from their shop and tried out many color and accessory combos. The final product blew us away and of course we had to add the rug and pillows they used to our collection. You can find them here for rent. 



Dawnelle and Kirsten made their way through Seattle traffic all the way up to Bellingham, dropped some house plant knowledge, styling tips, and put together the most amazing lounge. We can’t thank them enough. It was so fun to meet them in person and find they are as sweet in real life as they are online. Plus we got to hang with Dawnelle’s little girl for the day and she was so fun! We asked them a few questions about their lounge and this is what they had to say:

What style would you call your lounge? I would like to think something like a global vintage bohemian.

What was your inspiration? We pull a large amount of our inspiration from the vintage global textiles that we absolutely love, the layers, textures, and patterns all mixed together create something so exciting we just can’t get away from them! Mix in a little vintage flair and we’re inspired always!

Describe your personal style? Our own personal styles actually vary a bit between the two of us, Kirsten is a bit more on the minimal bohemian side and Dawnelle is a bit more on the maximalist side of things. Either way though, we both say a space isn’t complete without layers of textiles and loads of plants. The heart of it though is creating a space we feel happy, inspired, and cozy in full of things that tell a story and have a history. We want you to come into our homes and feel inspired and welcome!


How would you use this lounge? Between the rad sofa and the amazing chairs, I’m pretty sure this is the perfect place to hang with some girlfriends and some cute drinks to chat the night away. This could also be a totally amazing place for a photo shoot!

What is your favorite piece? That feels like a trick questions, I would have to say it is probably a tie between that amazing sofa and those gorgeous chairs. However, because textiles are always close to my heart, that Moroccan rug is a favorite for sure.

How does this style represent your business? D+K is all about the global textiles that are full of history and secrets. Starting with the vintage rattan, we created a unique structure to start throwing textiles on! Adding in a few colorful and textured pieces such as the Moroccan Boucherouite rug, the Turkish kilim pillows, and of course the plants, we’ve got layers of goodness that go beautifully together! This is in essence the root of our brand, seamlessly mixing textiles from around the world!

Photos by Katheryn Moran Photography

The Alissa by Gather Events

The Alissa by Gather Events

This lounge styled by Alissa Lawson of Gather Events. 

“Aesthetic is our thing and we love to get our hands dirty in our paper studio creating one of a kind invitations, stationery & specialty signage. We know those pretty little details make a big impact!”

Alissa Lawton Seattle Wedding Planner

Alissa Lawton of Gather Events

Alissa Lawton of Gather Events can be found up and down the west coast planning and designing amazing weddings. Her designs never disappoint and the versatility of her work is impressive. She has an eye for scale, color, and a desire to provide the very best experience for her clients. We just love her! And if planning and designing your wedding isn’t enough she also designs the most beautiful stationary. 

We first met Alissa during a tour of our warehouse, it quickly turned into drinks and apps at a nearby restaurant where she dropped some serious insider knowledge on us newbies. From then on she has been a big supporter of our business and we appreciate so much her genuine sharing nature.

Alissa’s design came to us in a perfectly designed mood board. We would expect nothing less from a planner of her caliber. The design came to life on shoot day with beautiful floras and a muted classic tone. It couldn’t be more perfect. We asked Alissa a few questions about her lounge and this is what she had to say:

White roses pink and greenery

Flowers by Erin Land

What style would you call your lounge? Let’s go with – organic chic

What was your inspiration? earthy tones, soft colors – creating an inviting, comfortable and elegant setting with friends

Describe your personal style? My personal style would best be described as a mix of modern and rustic elements, working in tandem to create a timeless space. I love taking natural inspiration from the local beauty we have and mixing wood, metals and texture to create a really luscious and beautiful space. Less is often more and I enjoy focusing on really beautiful pieces and allowing them to shine in their own light without being overwhelmed.

How would you use this lounge? This lounge is a perfect opportunity for a girls night. Comfortable and inviting with a feminine vibe, the lounge is paired perfectly with a good group of friends and a chilled bottle of rose. 😉

What is your favorite piece? This is hard! I love all of the pieces in it! I definitely have a major crush on that couch though. It is the perfect, neutral element that can be paired with so many different pieces really seamlessly. I love the versatility of it! It was really fun to incorporate wood, metal and acylic pieces together with it.

mirrored bar cart in loungeHow does this style represent your business? When it comes to designing events, our inspiration always flows from our couples and the natural beauty of the setting they choose. Our goal is for their guests to leave feeling like the event just absolutely felt like our couple in every aspect. From the tablescape to each celebratory element, we design in a way that brings their personalities to life through each sensory outlet and experience. With this lounge, I wanted to design in the same capacity. By choosing pieces that represented both Wander’s incredible collection and beautiful earthy elements, I think we came up with something unexpected and really special. It was so much fun and I am so grateful for the opportunity!

Photos by Katheryn Moran Photography

Gather Events logo

The Sara by Sara Galactica

The Sara by Sara Galactica


This Lounge styled by Sara Holodnick of Sara Galactica

“I’m a writer and storyteller based in Bellingham, Washington. I love finding ways to tell stories through unexpected mediums such as original cocktails, events, tarot, and more.”

sara-gallacticaSara is as colorful of a person as the ink on her arms. A writer by trade she has her talented hands in many different pots around Bellingham. You may find her at one of our favorite spots, The Temple Bar, whipping up a custom cocktail for a Twin Peaks screening, or throwing lavish costume parties. She is fun, she is creative, she is a #girlboss. Making it happen everywhere she goes and she is one of the most welcoming people we have met on our journey thus far. We invited Sara out to the warehouse to style a lounge that represents her and the business empire she has created. Sara is a creator of custom cocktails, after styling a bar and seating area she came up with Halfway to Marrakesh. (Recipe Below) The story that inspired this creation was almost as good as the cocktail itself. We asked Sara a few questions about her lounge and her personal style. This is what she had to say: Tell us about the cocktail you created? Halfway to Marrakesh is a take on traditional Moroccan mint tea: A sweetened combination of gunpowder green tea and fresh mint. My cocktail infuses those flavors into a simple syrup which is combined with gin, lime juice, and muddled with mint and lemon balm… And an absinthe rinse. It’s surprisingly simple to make (and way cheaper than a ticket to Tangier). halfway-to-marakesh-drinnk What style would you call your lounge? I would describe my lounge as late 1960s Moroccan bohemian. What was your inspiration? The fabulous green bar reminded me of vintage photographs of Morocco from the 1970s. I could see the brilliant green and gold hues of mosaics and fabrics and knew I had to fill my lounge with brass, wicker, and tapestry-like rugs. Describe your personal style? I take a somewhat minimal approach to my own personal style. I wear a lot of permanent color on my body with my tattoos, so I prefer dark neutrals like black and grey and classic silhouettes over trendy designs. The same goes for my aesthetic at home: I gravitate toward interesting shapes and silhouettes instead of bright colors. I love the look of mismatched brass candlesticks against grey. For me, style is all about balance (and the same goes for great cocktails).  How would you use this lounge? I would love to use this lounge for a backyard summertime cocktail party. The wicker chairs, floor pillows, and rugs would be perfect seating tucked away under trees or umbrellas, and Halfway to Marrakesh is a tasty sipper ideal for sunny days. What is your favorite piece? This is a tough one! I’m in love with the bar, but I’d have to say my favorite piece is probably the curvaceous, large brass vase I chose to sit on top of the bar. I love the shapely look of this– it would be so versatile to decorate with and would fit right in with my little collection of brass pieces. How does this style represent your business? When I meet new people I introduce myself as a writer because I see all of the facets of my work as modes for telling stories. This styled lounge represents my business because it encourages imagination, transporting people to another place just like a great piece of writing can.


Moroccan Mint Tea Syrup 1 cup organic cane sugar 1/2 cup water 4 tablespoons loose gunpowder green tea 1/2 cup fresh mint
  1. Combine sugar and water in a pan. 
  2. Cook over medium heat, stirring often to dissolve sugar.
  3. Bring just to a simmer and reduce heat to low. 
  4. Add green tea and mint sprigs. Allow to simmer for one minute, stirring constantly. Remove syrup from heat and steep for 10 minutes. 
  5. Strain syrup into an airtight jar or bottle and store in the refrigerator for up to a week. 
  Halfway to Marrakesh 2 oz gin 1/2 oz Moroccan Mint Tea Syrup 1/2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice 2-3 full sprigs of mint 2-3 full sprigs of lemon balm (optional) Absinthe (to rinse)
  1. Place sprigs of mint and lemon balm in the bottom of an empty cocktail shaker. Mash the herbs with a muddler (or a wooden spoon) until well bruised and aromatic. 
  2. Pour about a teaspoon of absinthe into a rocks glass and swirl it around so that it coats the inside. Shake what’s left into the sink (or your open mouth, I won’t judge). Fill with ice and set aside.
  3. Add gin, syrup, and lime juice and fill shaker halfway with ice. Shake vigorously until well chilled (about 20 seconds). Strain into your cocktail glass. 
  4. Garnish your glass with fresh mint. Enjoy!
  Party tip: Preparing cocktails for a crowd? Muddle fresh mint and lemon balm (about a 1/4 cup each) in the bottom of a pitcher. Add two cups of gin, 1/2 cup Moroccan Mint Tea Syrup, and 1/2 cup fresh squeezed lime juice to pitcher. Fill with ice and stir well. Strain into absinthe rinsed, ice-filled rocks glasses. Serves 8-12. 
The Morgan by Momad Productions

The Morgan by Momad Productions


Morgan Henry, a curator of elevated events and owner of Momad Productions

“I’m good at turning nothing into something great! Mapping it out, collecting all the pieces then watching the vision come to life!”


You may recognize her at one of the many events she coordinates for the Downtown Bellingham Partnership like the Commercial Street Night Market, Morning Jam, or pulling off the perfect PNW-Centric event for private clients. She is a creative consultant available for wedding coordinating, event styling, photo shoot coordinating and corporate events.

There are many things we love about Morgan, we respect her style for one, but that is just a start. Integrity, attention to detail, brings things to the table that you wouldn’t think of. If you don’t know her, you need to know her. She is a connector and a cheerleader. Hard worker. A lover. We respect her as a woman, as a business owner, a community activist and an organizer. #Morganize

We invited Morgan out to the warehouse to style a lounge that represents her and the business empire she has created. We thought Morgan might lean toward a mid century lounge and she crushed it, and then we crushed 2 bottles of wine. We asked Morgan a few questions about her lounge and her personal style. This is what she had to say:

What style would you call your lounge? I chose a very mid century casual mad men meets badminton in the Hamptons kind of vibe.farmhouse-bench-rentals 

What was your inspiration? The Wander Collection itself inspires so many ideas! I wanted to tap into a look that would be unexpected for example I used a long bench as the table in front of the couch. I could see old life magazines, cocktails, old cameras, writing pads with pencils there. I love spaces  that are androgynous, cool and interesting.

Describe your personal style? Denim is my Jam! I love mixing different textures like I did in this lounge which combined wood, the pinecones, lambskin, the textile of the two end and the rolled picnic blankets and the metal tool box. Its interesting but simple, not fussy and very approachable. There is a familiarity about it because it feels nostalgic.

How would you use this lounge?  I would use this lounge for an elevated glamping weekend, at a pop up whiskey tasting, a mad men themed summer party, for a mustache wax or beard oil release party.

What is your favorite piece? hmmmm, that’s a hard one. The couch is outstanding! I’m also a big fan of throwing a lambskin over basically anything that would stand still so.

How does this style represent your business? I am MOMAD, I am my brand and this lounge represents my natural aesthetic which is innately me. Approachable, cool, creative, not fussy. I am a curator of elevated events and spaces. Through creative consulting + coordination + design + planning I help you bring YOUR unique vision to life!

Style Icon Lounges

Style Icon Lounges

Introducing our Styled Lounge collection


We recently got together with 4 of our favorite girls bosses and asked them to style a lounge that reflects both them and the powerful brands they have created. They came out to our warehouse and used our collection to put together distinct and beautiful lounges that you can now rent as packages here.  

Click on each lounge below to find out the story behind the style . .. . 


Brittany-by-spruce-lounge-rentals              Michelle-lounge-by-mi-shoes-rentals


mid-century-lounge-rentals              sara-galactica-bar-lounge


A big thank you to our  favorite photographer Katheryn Moran. She is fun, quick, talented, and so much more. Everything we admire in a #girlboss

“I love moments.  Days and hours and minutes are great, too, but the good stuff happens in moments – spontaneous, unexpected, and fabulous. My goal as a photographer is to capture those moments, to sneak them from their day or their minute and make them eternal.” – Katy 





The Michelle by Mi Shoes

The Michelle by Mi Shoes


Romantic boho lounge by Michelle of Mi Shoes

This Lounge styled by Michelle Bouma, owner of Mi Shoes and Heroine Clothing

Michelle Bouma, certified retail therapist and creator of Heroine Clothing owns 2 of the michelle-of-mi-shoes-lounge-rentalsmost stylish business in our area. Mi Shoes, with locations in Bellingham and Lynden and Heroine Clothing, an on trend boutique with both a mobile shop and a beautiful brick and mortar in downtown Bellingham. We love a curated collection and that is exactly what you will find when walking into one of her shops. Quality? You know she’s got it. We always feel excited at the possibilities when entering one of her spots.

We invited Michelle out to the warehouse to style a lounge that represents her and the business empire she has created. As the lounge came together it was obvious Mi Shoes was the inspiration. Romantic, collected, and comfy in the best possible way. We asked Michelle a few questions about her lounge and her personal style. This is what she had to say:


What style would you call your lounge? I loved the term you guys used when I was styling the lounge. Collective. I don’t even know if it needs to be called Collective Boho. I think the term Collective sums it up. It makes me think of how I want my house to look when I’m a grandma. Everything I’ve collected and cherished over the years. Different elements and textures all displayed together like a collage. I love it!!

What was your inspiration?My inspiration was that blue couch!! Which funny enough I ended up covering up with the sheep skin! The green chair is sort of the focal point. The horns definitely took it in that new direction.

Describe your personal style?My personal style is a bit ‘Collective’ too. I love feminine pieces…and I have to be comfortable. But not the comfortable that looks like sweatpants or yoga pants all day. Maxi dresses in the summer….soft cozy sweaters in the winter. I love soft fabrics and quality construction…if it doesn’t feel good I won’t wear it. I like neutral colors….and colors of the sea….but usually you’ll find me wearing mostly black!

How would you use this lounge?I would LIVE in this lounge if you’d let me! 🙂 I think it’s a great conversation lounge. Put it in the corner at a wedding reception so guests can get cozy and have an intimate conversation. Maybe put your grandparents in this lounge while everyone is arriving so they can be greeted….but don’t need to be on their feet.

What is your favorite piece?My favorite pieces (cuz I can’t choose just one!!!) are the green chair, the screen, the trunk and the peacock feathers!! I love them all so much I can’t pick favorites.

How does this style represent your business?This style started out representing Mi Shoes….but very quickly involved elements of Heroine as well. I didn’t think they would mix as well as they did. I love the antique furniture and natural elements (horns, sheepskin, wicker…) combined. Very textural. Very cool. It made me appreciate the evolution of my businesses as well as the evolution that’s happened within myself.