Tips for Looking Great in Your Wedding Photos

Tips for Looking Great in Your Wedding Photos

Especially since your wedding photos are a great reminder of an essential day in your life, make sure you look amazing. Some people are nervous about having their photos taken or don’t think they look good in photos. Listen to what your photographer says and prepare in a style you love, no matter how photogenic you think you are. Our Seattle wedding planners have experienced Professional photographers; contact us now.


While you can do your hair for everyday occasions, you want to feel as confident as possible for your wedding. You can feel even more beautiful on your wedding day by having your hair styled by a professional. Your stylist should know what you’re looking for and show you examples. Make sure you love the look before the wedding by doing a trial run.


You will feel confident and happy in your wedding pictures if your skin looks great. You can cover up issues with makeup much easier if you take care of your skin beforehand. Preparation for your photos should begin months in advance. Make sure you wash your face every day and moisturize it. Then you can add facials and other elements to give yourself a healthy glow. You will see a positive difference in all your wedding photos as you care for your skin.

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There are many types of photographers, and you want to choose a wedding photographer who can take stunning pictures of your big day. Ensure that you choose a photographer whose style matches your own by looking through the work of many photographers early on. When you have chosen your photographer, please get to know them a little so that you will feel comfortable on your wedding day. When your photographer is taking the photos, it would also be helpful if you listened to their advice.

Because of your wedding photos, you will have a wonderful heirloom to cherish for the rest of your lives. You should feel comfortable and confident in your photos. You will look amazing in all your wedding photos if you enjoy the day and the experience.

The Katheryn by Katheryn Moran Photography

The Katheryn by Katheryn Moran Photography

This lounge styled by Katheryn at Katheryn Moran Photography. “Photographs should be more than mere evidence of an event. I strive to snap the sly smiles and sidelong glances that make the moment beautiful, so that when you look at it later, you remember more than the event – you remember who you were at the moment and how it felt to be there.” – Katheryn Moran
Bellingham Photographer

Katheryn Moran

Katheryn Moran is a Bellingham/Seattle photographer extraordinaire and her photography is just like her; bright, fun, and full of color. You can find her snapping away at weddings, with babies and families, and styling for the most gorgeous food/product shots. She works with all kinds of brands, many wonderful clients, and was awarded Gold for best of the Northwest Photographer. She shot all of our lounges for the 2017 Style Icon Lounges as well as this years crew. What can we say about our favorite photographer? We have been so lucky to get to know Katy, she was the photographer on our very first photo shoot and we still talk about how lucky we were to have her guide us through our first experience working on a collaboration in the wedding industry! What an education. Katy is energetic, direct, no bullshit, but above all else, fun and kind. What a combo. fruit in brass bowl Katy has been to the warehouse many times and worked with our collection a bunch. She knew exactlywhat she wanted to build her lounge around, the Baldwin blue settee. She incorporated a bunch of color, some of our brightest pieces, and tied all that color together with a batch of balloons. We asked her a few questions about the lounge she designed and this is what he had to say: What style would you call your lounge? Colorful Vintage with a Modern Twist?!?!? Oh god, I suck at naming stuff. I don’t know! Crazy Colorful Eclectic!?!?!!! What was your inspiration? I really love all things colorful. I was so happy with the playful touch of the balloons and the crazy tower of food because they just really seem to speak to my personality and interests, especially lately. It’s easy for me to get caught up and I always try to find playfulness and fun colors and textures to remind me to keep it real and enjoy the ride. <3 Describe your personal style? Funky, eclectic, bright, cheerful, slightly vintage with a modern wist…maybe a little MUCH? Ha! How would you use this lounge? I could totally see this at a fun cocktail party or wine night or maybe even a murder mystery party!!?!! I think he dark, rich colors of the seats are fun but also kind of moody, plus the pops of fun! What is your favorite piece? Well, that blue couch is obviously a show stopper. But honestly, I think I love that LAMP! I am a sucker for suspended items. How does this style represent your business? Definitely colorful, unique and fun!  Photos by Katheryn Moran Photography     bellingham photographer logo
2018 Style Icon Lounges

2018 Style Icon Lounges

Last year we asked 4 of our fellow women business owners to style a lounge that reflects themselves and the brands they have built. We had so much fun we decided to make it an annual event. We invited the 2017 Style Icons out to hang with us as 3 new Style Icons designed the 2018 set of lounges. We were blown away at the diversity, creativity, and personality that came out in each lounge. The best part about this collaboration is you can rent their creations as a package here. We interviewed each of the 2018 Style Icons to find out more about what inspired them in their design. Click on each lounge below to find out the story behind the lounge.