How To Select The Best Wedding Veil For Your Wedding

How To Select The Best Wedding Veil For Your Wedding

Nothing is more important for a bride on her wedding day than looking her best. To achieve this, she should purchase the right veil that enhances her beauty, giving her an air of mystery.

In light of this, it can be concluded that a beautiful bride cannot be complete without her wedding veil, which is why many brides wear one. It is possible to leave it out when purchasing your outfit.

Thus, if you have decided to purchase a veil, keep in mind that, like choosing the right wedding dress, it is a time-consuming process. As a result, many wedding veils are available on the market. Our Seattle wedding planners arrange the perfect veils or suggestions for your wedding; contact us now.

What is the best way to choose a wedding veil?

This post will answer that question. To accomplish this, let’s discuss factors to consider when choosing a veil for your wedding.

When Buying A Wedding Veil, Consider The Following Features

Due to the wide variety of styles, widths, lengths, and embellishments available, buying a wedding veil can be overwhelming. Remember the following essential things to make the right choice for your special day. Your wedding venue, dress, and hairstyle play an essential role.

Tip 1: Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Choosing the wedding dress before buying a veil is crucial. As a result, you can easily match your wedding veil to your dress. Due to this, you need to consider the shape and style of your wedding gown after purchasing it. The wedding veil should be proportional to the dress and enhance it appropriately. No matter what you choose, your dress should not overshadow your choice.

Veil for your wedding

Picking The Right Veil Based On Your Wedding Dress

1. Simple Wedding Dress

You must balance your simple wedding dress with a stunning wedding veil if you’ve decided on one. Choose an organza, satin, or horsehair veil with angel-cut trimmings. This choice will beautifully frame your face, giving you a dramatic appearance. A lace and flowery veil is also an option.

2. Well Embellished Wedding Dress

Do you have an elaborate and heavily beaded dress? Walking down the aisle, you can sparkle with a simple cathedral wedding veil. You can also get a wedding veil, one that is simple with no embellishments or with matching beadwork running along its edges.

3. Wedding Dress With A Stunning Back

Those with statement backs can also wear veils. In addition, you should make sure the length of your dress complements and enhances the beauty of your gown, giving it a dramatic appearance. The perfect choice would be sheer ornate illusion lace. It is also possible to opt for a cathedral veil without any accents. The wedding veil should not have more than one layer of fabric.

You need a raw-edged veil if you buy a busy dress with lots of details and embellishments. For a simple gown, however, choose a wedding veil with lots of details and embellishments or flowers to balance your look.

You should also note where your veil falls; choose one that falls slightly above or below a horizontal line. It would appear that you are being divided in half if your wedding veil falls off a focal point.

Tip 2: Your Hairstyle

Also, consider the hairstyle you intend to wear on your wedding day. Depending on how you place the veil and where it falls after you wear it, this would make a difference. You may want to take your wedding veil to your hairdresser so they can try out different looks.

In general, you would need a base to support your veil. There are many styles to choose from, such as messy updos, bridal buns, etc. You should be aware that the length or weight of your veil will determine how supportive your hairstyle should be.

The chief bridesmaid can accompany you. You are doing so will teach her how to attach and remove it before the reception begins. For the reception, you can keep your style intact.


Tip 3: Your Budget

Budget is an important consideration when selecting a wedding veil. How much are you willing to spend? You can find a perfect veil no matter what your budget is. You can get a wedding veil as low as $250-$300 or 3,000 or more. , First, determine how much you’re willing to spend to narrow down your options.

Tip 4: Your Wedding Venue

Your veil must match the formality of your wedding venue. The veil needs to be either blusher-free or have a blusher if it is for a church wedding. You can choose a chapel veil or a formal one for a beachside or garden ceremony.


If you don’t have any help, choosing the best wedding veils can be confusing and tedious. You will be able to solve this problem with the help of this article.

When you keep your dress, hairstyle, budget, and venue in mind, choosing a veil becomes easy. Comment below if these tips have helped you look your best on your wedding day.

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Flowers

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Flowers

In most cases, brides and grooms know exactly what they want for their weddings. There is already a vision for the venue, the music, and the flowers. Even though the options available may not be apparent to others, they are eager to explore them. Even seemingly small decisions can seem overwhelming when you begin investigating. Your choice of flowers can have a significant impact on the tone of your wedding. Using these top tips, you can make the right choice for your wedding flowers. Our Seattle wedding planners arrange Perfect Flowers for your wedding; contact us now.


Flowers aren’t cheap, and most couples spend 10% of their wedding budget on decor, including flowers. Choosing your wedding decor should be based on your budget. When you have a figure in mind, it’s time to shop. Creating a DIY bouquet or choosing seasonal flowers can reduce the cost of flowers.


Colour palettes are an excellent starting point if you’re unsure what to choose and need to narrow your options. The bridal party’s outfits should always be complemented with flowers. It might also be interesting to learn more about flowers and what they represent if you are sentimental.

Wedding Flowers


Learn about flowers if you don’t know anything about them. Ask your local florist about the various options available to you. Discovering your preferences can be as simple as learning what’s available and what’s in season. Juniper Flowers, for example, offers a flower subscription service. Monthly flower delivery in the lead-up to your wedding is a great way to discover new varieties of flowers. You may discover a new favorite perfect for the wedding.


You can save money and make life easier by finding seasonal flowers. Whatever your preference for a particular flower, you may have to compromise if it isn’t in season. If you choose to source the flower out of season, expect a hefty price tag. Consider similar options with the professionals, and you may discover an even more perfect combination of flowers.

Even though flowers may not seem like a big deal to some, they can play a crucial role in creating a specific tone for your wedding. When choosing your blooms, keep these tips in mind. Remember that you should not let the decision consume you, but it is worth considering.

Tips for Looking Great in Your Wedding Photos

Tips for Looking Great in Your Wedding Photos

Especially since your wedding photos are a great reminder of an essential day in your life, make sure you look amazing. Some people are nervous about having their photos taken or don’t think they look good in photos. Listen to what your photographer says and prepare in a style you love, no matter how photogenic you think you are. Our Seattle wedding planners have experienced Professional photographers; contact us now.


While you can do your hair for everyday occasions, you want to feel as confident as possible for your wedding. You can feel even more beautiful on your wedding day by having your hair styled by a professional. Your stylist should know what you’re looking for and show you examples. Make sure you love the look before the wedding by doing a trial run.


You will feel confident and happy in your wedding pictures if your skin looks great. You can cover up issues with makeup much easier if you take care of your skin beforehand. Preparation for your photos should begin months in advance. Make sure you wash your face every day and moisturize it. Then you can add facials and other elements to give yourself a healthy glow. You will see a positive difference in all your wedding photos as you care for your skin.

Wedding photos


There are many types of photographers, and you want to choose a wedding photographer who can take stunning pictures of your big day. Ensure that you choose a photographer whose style matches your own by looking through the work of many photographers early on. When you have chosen your photographer, please get to know them a little so that you will feel comfortable on your wedding day. When your photographer is taking the photos, it would also be helpful if you listened to their advice.

Because of your wedding photos, you will have a wonderful heirloom to cherish for the rest of your lives. You should feel comfortable and confident in your photos. You will look amazing in all your wedding photos if you enjoy the day and the experience.

Feeling Confident About Your Hair on Your Wedding Day

Feeling Confident About Your Hair on Your Wedding Day

A wedding can be one of the most memorable days of your life. However, it can also be one of the most stressful. Feeling good about yourself is a small but important aspect of this. It makes a difference to care about your appearance, especially your hair.


A regular barbershop or beauty salon may tempt you to cut corners. If you want to feel as confident as possible, hire a professional. The cost will be higher. Moreover, they will bring a wealth of experience and expertise. Make sure you follow your stylist’s instructions exactly if they tell you how to take care of the hair. Depending on the type of hair, specific stylists will have more experience. It would be best if you weren’t afraid to ask for referrals or reviews. Our Seattle wedding planners have experienced Professional stylists; contact us now.


Your hair should be prepared for styling. Showing up the day before and expecting the stylist to fix everything is pointless! Ensure you look good weeks (if not months) in advance to simplify your job. How? Ensure the products and techniques you use won’t gradually damage your hair. Use sulphate-free hair care products to prevent damage to your hair—shop based on what chemicals are good or bad for your hair type. There may be a little extra charge, but remember, this is for your wedding. You may be able to look back on photos with a clear conscience if you make the sacrifice.

Wedding Hair


In addition, weddings are complicated because you want everything to be perfect, and that’s impossible. Some things are inevitably beyond your control. Accepting that now would be the healthiest decision for you. You can only do so much when it comes to your confidence and your appearance. Planning, following routines carefully and getting professional help when possible are all things you can (and should) do. No matter how it turns out, own it and love yourself!

Confidence is beauty. And even if something in your wedding does go wrong – who cares? As important as a wedding is, the event is ultimately only a symbol of a new beginning. Do what you can to prepare, but love the result no matter what.

How to Afford the Wedding Ring You Want

How to Afford the Wedding Ring You Want

There are other costs associated with getting married that can be equally expensive. Weddings are expensive, but getting married also involves other costs. From the engagement to the honeymoon, it can be an expensive endeavor if you aren’t careful. All significant expenses begin with your engagement and wedding rings. Finding a way to keep costs reasonable is just as important as getting a beautiful ring at your wedding and throughout your life. You can use some of these tips to get your wedding ring.

Our Seattle wedding planner crafts packages with your needs in mind. Our clients come to us to have an event that feels just like them, that is personal, memorable, and unique. Every wedding we do looks and feels unique, and we take pride in that.


To afford the wedding ring you want, you should plan and save in advance. Buying a large, nice wedding ring will be expensive if you know that you want one. You can put that foresight to good use if you begin saving now. Planning and saving early will make it easier to get the wedding ring of your dreams later on. A wedding ring cost is no exception to the rule of financial preparedness.


Consider financing your wedding ring if you want to help you afford it. Many jewelers will offer you a payment plan or financing options so you can pay for your wedding ring over time with monthly payments instead of all at once. Similar to a home mortgage or a car loan, this works similarly. You should, however, keep in mind that this plan works better if you have better credit. Lousy credit will probably result in a higher interest rate. If you have good credit, you may be able to finance your ring.

wedding ring


There will be a better chance of you being able to afford the wedding ring you want if you shop around a bit. You can likely get a much bigger, more excellent diamond for a much lower price if you look at independent jewelers and non-branded rings, even if you’re set on a particular brand. For instance, the ring’s material, cut, and clarity is the most important qualities to consider when shopping around.

It is not cheap to buy a wedding ring. You don’t have to go broke to find the perfect ring with the right tips and tricks. Don’t worry about your finances. If you follow these three tips, you can get the wedding ring of your dreams.

How to Avoid Having Just Another Boring Wedding

How to Avoid Having Just Another Boring Wedding

People usually want their wedding to be a fantastic day for all their guests, but sometimes they fall flat because they are just like all the other weddings. Make your wedding special by getting specific to the things you and your spouse love most. This will allow you to create a unique wedding that everyone will enjoy.


The key to making your wedding unique is to choose a theme and stick to it. There is no need for it to be cheesy or extravagant; it just has to be something that represents you. Many things can be influenced by the theme you choose, including music, decor, and even food. With a theme in mind, your planning process will be much simpler since you will have a guide to follow. A wedding theme depends on many factors, including the style of your dress, the venue, and the degree of formality. If you are still unsure about the wedding theme, contact our Seattle Wedding Planner now, we may be able to help you in every aspect of your wedding.


Taking a trip to a destination of your choice can also add an exciting twist to your wedding to go on a trip to a destination of your choice. If you plan a destination, remember how many guests you want to invite and their budget. A destination wedding should be planned well in advance so your guests can make travel and financial arrangements. It is important to choose a wedding destination according to the right timing. If you think about it early, you can plan the perfect time.

Boring Wedding


Party food is the key to a great party, so make sure your wedding menu is extra special. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive food to make an impression, but it should be delicious. Consider your favourite foods and your spouse’s favorite foods when choosing a menu for your wedding so your guests can relate to you both.

You should never forget your wedding day as a particular day. That goal will become a reality with your planning. Talk with your future spouse, so you can devise a plan together, and don’t forget to enlist some help if you need it.

How to Make Your Wedding a Memorable Experience

How to Make Your Wedding a Memorable Experience

You probably spend a lot of time planning your wedding now that you’re engaged. You desire a lovely, enjoyable, and unforgettable wedding day. You should make plans for it in a way that will be memorable and significant because it will be one of the most significant days of your life. Here are some ideas by Rent Wander an event production company for making your wedding memories last a lifetime.


The guestbook is a wonderful keepsake from your wedding that you can keep. Having a guest book at your wedding is a great idea because it will make it easier for you to look back and remember everyone there. You’ll be greeted by hundreds of people, and, likely, you won’t remember every interaction because you’ll be so overcome with emotion.

A guest book is an excellent remedy for this. Additionally, it provides a space for guests to leave you with personalized notes and advice that you can read later. If you want something more unique, consider one of these creative wedding guestbook alternatives.

Wedding Memories


Your wedding photography will be one of your most significant wedding purchases. Beautiful photographs of your wedding day will preserve not only the happenings of the day but also the feelings you experienced. It’s time to print some of your favorite wedding photos to hang in your house after you receive them from your photographer. You can purchase small photo prints to frame, large mounted prints, or canvas prints. Your photos can look fantastic on any printing surface with expert work. Just make sure you work with a talented, professional photographer to ensure that your wedding day will be reflected in your photos.


Purchasing wedding videography in addition to wedding photography is an excellent additional way to preserve the memory of your special day. A lovely and unique video of your wedding day can be made by one of the many wedding videographers available. They can record the entire event, including the first-look scene, the wedding ceremony, the reception, and the send-off for the honeymoon. You can use this to record every second of your day. Every time you watch your wedding video, you’ll fall in love all over again.

So, keep in mind that you’ll want to remember your special day for years to come if your wedding is approaching. You can accomplish this by keeping a guest book, printing your wedding photos, and investing in wedding videography. Make sure to put some of these suggestions into practice to preserve the memories of your wedding day.

How to Get More People You Want at Your Wedding

How to Get More People You Want at Your Wedding

A powerful moment is getting to declare and promise your love to your fiancée in front of your friends and family, and the reception that follows is always enjoyable with dancing, food, and drink. But without the appropriate friends and family, your wedding wouldn’t be as magical. While it’s not always possible to avoid scheduling conflicts for the significant others in your life at your wedding, there are things you can do to make it easier. Here are a few strategies by our Seattle Wedding Planner to guarantee that the guests you want attend your wedding.


The first step to inviting more of the guests you want is being aware of the date. The date of your wedding is the main factor in determining who can attend. A weekend date will significantly boost attendance. Friday or Saturday are the ideal days. In general, people are more willing to skip work on a random Wednesday than they are to miss a full Friday or a long weekend for a wedding. Another advantage of weekends is the availability of travel.



Sending out announcements for the wedding rather than just invitations is the next thing you can do to help ensure that the guests you want attend will. Invitations are different from announcement cards, which should be distributed three to four months before your invitations. The wedding’s date and location will be revealed much earlier in announcements. If you obtain photographs of a high caliber, you can create printable announcement cards. The event is brought to the public’s attention through announcements in a timely manner, allowing for calendar blocking.


A destination wedding should be avoided as a last resort if you want to invite more guests. You ask a lot of your guests when you have a destination wedding. They are now required to take a plane, stay in a hotel for at least a couple of nights, and be gone for at least a few days, frequently taking time off from work. The location of your wedding should be within driving distance for the majority of your guests if you really want people to come.

One of the most significant occasions in your life is getting married. Having the people who are special in your life there is the best way to make it special. To guarantee that the guests you really want at your wedding show up, use these three suggestions.

How to Make Your Wedding a Special Event

How to Make Your Wedding a Special Event

One of the craziest days of your life is supposed to be your wedding. A good time can be had by bringing your friends and family together to celebrate your love for your future spouse. However, putting too much emphasis on one particular event or yourself can be very stressful. Wedding planning involves a lot of different details, which can quickly become overwhelming and give you the impression that your big day won’t actually happen. Here are some suggestions by our wedding planner seattle to keep your cool and make your wedding the most memorable occasion.


Taking pictures of the memorable parts of the day and evening is the first step in making your wedding a special occasion. Having your special day documented on film and in photos will make it easier for you to remember it fondly in the future. Your wedding will only last one day, at the end of the day. You should try to capture the day to enjoy it forever. A fantastic way to preserve the memories is to hire a professional photographer and videographer for the day to document your wedding.

Special Event


Selecting the ideal location for your wedding is another useful suggestion to make it a memorable occasion. One of the most crucial elements of your wedding is the location, and picking a cheap, uncomfortably, or ugly location can send the wrong message. The weather may have an impact on your venue. In the event of inclement weather, an indoor venue is more dependable. Make sure the location you pick has at least one indoor backup option in case bad weather occurs on your wedding day.


A special emphasis on the quality of the catering and bar at your wedding is the last way to make it a memorable occasion. Your wedding guests spent a lot of money on your wedding, both to attend and to purchase gifts for you. Serving them wholesome food and beverages is the least you can do. Don’t cut corners on the catering and bar services to ensure that everyone has a good time and appreciates your special day.

One of the most memorable days of your life may be the day of your wedding. But only if you make the proper preparations to ensure a successful day. Make sure you are aware of these three suggestions in order to make your wedding the memorable occasion it should be.

Our Top Wedding Planning Tips For 2022

Our Top Wedding Planning Tips For 2022

Recently got married? Here are our TOP wedding planning advice for 2022, direct from Rent Wander’ wedding experts!

It’s easy to start feeling overawed by all the questions that come after the “big question” now that it has been posed. Family, friends, and coworkers are excitedly sharing their wedding planning suggestions with you. First and foremost, remember that you are the only one who can plan your day.

Please take a moment to read some of our top recommendations for planning and organizing, even at the beginning. At Rent Wander, we’ve witnessed every type of celebration imaginable, from lavish black-tie affairs to intimate gatherings in small spaces, stunning backyard weddings, and everything in between!

So let’s get started right away.

#1 – As a couple, focus on answering the most important queries first. Meaning: Do you have a specific season in mind for your wedding? Local or abroad for the wedding? Large or intimately small? A larger outdoor area is required for safety. Your planning will move forward if you first narrow down some of these crucial choices! Following that, you can begin organizing tours of nearby venues or searching the internet for information about destination weddings. We have a wide variety of tented structures to choose from if you need to expand your outdoor space so you can celebrate in safety and style!

Top wedding planning

#2 – Create a strategy for your wedding’s “A” team: We’re talking about the vendor “all-stars” to support you in executing one of the most important moments of your life! If your budget allows, think about hiring a wedding planner to help you organize every aspect of your big day and relieve some stress. Check the venue’s specifics as you take a tour if you decide to hire “day of” coordinators who can assist with details during the day.

You should also consider hiring a caterer, a cake or dessert vendor, a photographer, a florist, and a rental company. We sincerely hope you’ll think about meeting with us when it comes to your rentals! Visit our sizable showroom in person to see our constantly growing inventory of rentals. You can browse our website catalog whenever you want. The best part is that we’ve set up a sizable gallery page on our website with real clients’ events using our rentals as examples for design inspiration! More planning is covered in step 3!

Remember to request preferred vendor lists from your suppliers. We collaborate closely and are happy to help you plan details beyond what you will hire us for. Visit ours by clicking here.!

#3 – Be specific with your theme! Meaning: styles, colors, outdoor versus indoor settings, rustic versus formal, cocktail attire, etc. You can look for ideas online, on wedding planning apps, and in magazines once you start picturing how you want your big day to “look”!

When you visit our showroom, one of our design consultants will assist you in choosing the rentals that will best suit your theme, location, and day-of requirements. We even provide mock tables for setup rentals so you can make a more informed decision. Imagine being able to see your tables before the big event! You can bring mock-up menus, floral arrangements, and/or your wedding planners to see how everything comes together! It’s very beneficial for organizing the details!

Wedding planning

#4 – Plan the activities for the day: speeches, dances, ceremony music, and the music playlist for the night’s dancing. Having a solid understanding of the speaker lineup and the event’s timeline.

#5 – Don’t forget to personalize every aspect of the day! Don’t be afraid to change things up or include unique elements that mean something special to your family and you as a couple. Let your unique styles shine through in the ceremony and photography poses, bridesmaid dresses, and design elements!

#6 – This one is crucial! Remember that today is a special occasion for you and your partner. Planning, designing, and using the vendors who best suit you is totally acceptable! Throughout the planning process, many suggestions and pieces of advice will be given; however, once the big day comes, take some time to stop and take it all in. It passes quickly!

Questions about organizing an event? Please feel free to reach out to us directly.

We collaborate closely with our couples, their wedding planners, and other vendors before and during the event to make sure everything runs smoothly. Remember to contact us the next time you need rentals for a wedding, a small party at home, or a sizable business event!