Morgan Henry, a curator of elevated events and owner of Momad Productions

“I’m good at turning nothing into something great! Mapping it out, collecting all the pieces then watching the vision come to life!”


You may recognize her at one of the many events she coordinates for the Downtown Bellingham Partnership like the Commercial Street Night Market, Morning Jam, or pulling off the perfect PNW-Centric event for private clients. She is a creative consultant available for wedding coordinating, event styling, photo shoot coordinating and corporate events.

There are many things we love about Morgan, we respect her style for one, but that is just a start. Integrity, attention to detail, brings things to the table that you wouldn’t think of. If you don’t know her, you need to know her. She is a connector and a cheerleader. Hard worker. A lover. We respect her as a woman, as a business owner, a community activist and an organizer. #Morganize

We invited Morgan out to the warehouse to style a lounge that represents her and the business empire she has created. We thought Morgan might lean toward a mid century lounge and she crushed it, and then we crushed 2 bottles of wine. We asked Morgan a few questions about her lounge and her personal style. This is what she had to say:

What style would you call your lounge? I chose a very mid century casual mad men meets badminton in the Hamptons kind of vibe.farmhouse-bench-rentals 

What was your inspiration? The Wander Collection itself inspires so many ideas! I wanted to tap into a look that would be unexpected for example I used a long bench as the table in front of the couch. I could see old life magazines, cocktails, old cameras, writing pads with pencils there. I love spaces  that are androgynous, cool and interesting.

Describe your personal style? Denim is my Jam! I love mixing different textures like I did in this lounge which combined wood, the pinecones, lambskin, the textile of the two end and the rolled picnic blankets and the metal tool box. Its interesting but simple, not fussy and very approachable. There is a familiarity about it because it feels nostalgic.

How would you use this lounge?  I would use this lounge for an elevated glamping weekend, at a pop up whiskey tasting, a mad men themed summer party, for a mustache wax or beard oil release party.

What is your favorite piece? hmmmm, that’s a hard one. The couch is outstanding! I’m also a big fan of throwing a lambskin over basically anything that would stand still so.

How does this style represent your business? I am MOMAD, I am my brand and this lounge represents my natural aesthetic which is innately me. Approachable, cool, creative, not fussy. I am a curator of elevated events and spaces. Through creative consulting + coordination + design + planning I help you bring YOUR unique vision to life!