We have Bars!

That’s right, we have several amazing bars you can rent and roll up to any event. You read that right, ROLL. Our Ryan Stainless bar and Johnny Copper bar have wheels on them. So you can wheel these babies anywhere you need them. Pop up in a field as your guests walk out of the woods after an elegant forest ceremony. Or roll one or two of these beauties onto an elevator for a rooftop party this summer. Our bars to rent are so versatile you will find a million uses for them at your events.

Bars to Rent

Johnny Copper Bar

Raw and modern this bar is named after the hot, mysterious, and bad boy Johnny Depp. With a rough sawn lumber facade and a sleek but distressed copper top this bar stands out in a crowd! If you’re looking for a bar to rent that has that masculine one-of-a-kind look this one will not disappoint.

Photo Credit: Buckshot Photography

Photo Credit: Alante Photography

Photo Credit: Buckshot Photography

Photo Credit: Luke and Mallory

Ryan Stainless Bar

We think of Ryan Reynolds when we look at the Ryan Stainless Bar. A little buttoned up, boy next door appeal, but still so sexy! With a white distressed facade and a sleek stainless steel top this isn’t only fashionable, but a work horse too. A sticky summer Sangria is no match for this industrial top, its all just wipe away and all you’ll have left are the memories of an amazing event.

Del Rae Tufted Bar

Ok, this one is special. This vintage avocado green vinyl tufted bar is truly one-of-a-kind. The Del Rae Tufted bar has that 70’s Palm Springs Vibe. If you are looking for a funky pop of color this is the bar to rent!

Rentals in Action:

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Author: Sara | sara@rentwander.com